17. Homeowner

30. September 2013

Homeowner @ 1301, 44, lives in Boise, USA

Well, our dear Homeowner at 1301 did not invite us to stay at his place. It was his subtended, Victor (Interview nr. 12). But never the less, we felt welcome from the first moment on! Time flew by in no time and before we know it, we had biked the local hills, SUP’d through Boise, surfed the local wave, rafted some whitewater and enjoyed the days in the sun. Boise treated us so good. We had to leave everyday-sunny-Cartoon-Town too soon!
1301 became a home far away from home, filled with river people, but above all: good folks!

16. Angie

18. September 2013

Angie, 46, lives in San Diego, USA

Jyri met Angie 2002 in San Diego. After that incident, the paths have crossed a couple times in Europe. The last time at the infamous Paris Bercy Skate Comp, where everything kind of slipped out of hands (as far as Jyri remembers after waking up in a cockroach costume).
Angie welcomed us to stay in her beautiful home with her husband and the 3 dogs.
The last time we met, Angie was the editor of the famous “Daily Bread Magazine”. Today DB Magazine is no more and Angie is not doing all nighters every night in the office of the magazine. But instead has finally time for her band and a life.

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