14. Cristina

28. Mai 2013

Cristina, 57, lives in Jobompiche, Guatemala
Cristina lives at the most beautiful place at the Lago Peten Itza. We camped in her garden for almost 2 weeks. She run a restaurant in the busy tourist town Flores for 20 years. Today she takes it easier and has a little restaurant at her home, where you can eat, swim in the lake and stay overnight in a bungalow or a tent.

13. Polo

19. April 2013

Polo, 25 lives in El Paredon, Guatemala

With his girlfriend and daughter Polo lives just next to the surf-house in El Paredon where he works. In-between different works at the surf-house, he mixes the most delicious Mojitos or Piña Coladas along the long pacific coast of Guatemala. Or even further- We don’t know anything about Piña Coladas, ’cause we normally don’t like piña. But these nice little cocktails he mixes where off the schnitzel!
What Polo does best, is to show the experienced or not so experienced surfers how to handle his local waves at El Paredon. Rock on!

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