Marie is in love with Alex. Adorable Caroline Buchmann plays Marie. DOP: Holger Diener Producer: Who’s McQueen Agency: Noise AG, Zürich

For our one-year-on-the-road trip we took 40 questions with us: Who would deserve to be the king of the world? Do you own a weapon? …

This one is for the designated drivers amog us. Music by Gus McGregor DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Who’s McQueen Agency: TBWA, Zürich

There is a happy place for all of us. Antoine Jr. Monet plays Arne. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Who’s McQueen Client:

An interview in the near future, 2048, with the founders of the agency ForsterEhrler. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Hintenlinks Client: ForsterEhrler