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Jyri Pasanen (FIN/ CH)
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1976 born
1982 – 2001 School and stuff
2002 – 2007 Co-owner of Wiseguys GmbH
Since 2007 working as a Freelance director


My producers based in Zürich, Switzerland:
the fantastic Philipp from Who’s McQueen
and since late 2018 also the stellar Sophie from Shining Pictures.


– 2013 Bronze Lion in Cannes, ADC Bronze, 2 times Gold at Best of Swiss Web 2013 for webwandern.ch. (I produced and directed the realtime images of a 38 hour stroll through the alps)
– 2013 ADC Shortlist for the Graubünden Tourismus Bike Clips.
– 2012 ADC Gold and Bronze for the campaign “Einbündnerung”, I worked as DOP.
– 2012 ADC Bronze for the ForsterEhrler Agency launch film.
– 2009 ADC Bronze for the viral “Unicorn” campaing for Chocolat Frey.
– 2007 Shortlist in Cannes for the viral “Unicorn” campaing for Chocolat Frey.
– 2006 Edi for Visual Effects for Neil Stubbings. Musicvideo, 6-er Gascho.
– 2005 Newcomer Special Award at the Edi. Musicvideo, Baze.
– 2003 Silver Edi. Musicvideo, DJ Supreme Team Show.

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