Filmed with the Weisscam HS-1 with Up to 800 fps and over 100kW of light. DOP: Stefan Weiss Producer: Wiseguys GmbH

For the 48h Filmfestival. 2 days from the idea to the deadline. The theme was: skeletons in the closet. Producer: Contrast Film

Old fisherman Erkki’s only companion in the vast and quiet finnish loneliness is his memory. As long as he doesn’t let go, it won’t leave …

Serpentines promo for his song: “Point Of View”. Yes, man AND woman are shot in the same take. DOP: Tobias Dengler

The promo video for the rap combo 6er Gascho from Bern, Switzerland. DOP: Henry Maurer Producer: Wiseguys GmbH Animation/Graphics: Neil Stubbings

Bet talk with former Swiss Football Nationalcoach Mr Gress and folk singer Baschi. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Onfilm AG Agency: Hasenfeld, Zürich

It was a tough trek to the lovley, hidden lake in the alps of Switzerland. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Wiseguys GmbH Agency: Publicis, Zürich

Heavan CAN wait. Jupp and Werner get inspired by life. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Who’s McQueen Agnency: ForsterEhrler

A fiction short about a customers of the Corridor Shop in Boise, Idaho. Victor Myers as himself Darren Koontz as the client.