“Absurd” was the clients first remark after seeing the new series of the battles. Thank you! Producer: Who’s McQ. Agency: Wirz.

Musicvideo for Annie Goodchild with her new single “Rooster” from her debut album. Love the song! DOP: ALex Herzog

2014 TVC for Inobat. Batteryman is back! DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Shining Pictures Agency: Polyconsult, Bern

The fantastic Antoine Jr. Monet and the talentet Michèle Breu take us back in time. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Who’s McQueen Agnency: ForsterEhrler

This NGO provides know-how and builds wells for those who are in need. DOP: Tobias Dengler SFX: Elefant Studios Producer: Rosas’n Co Agency: Spinas

For our one-year-on-the-road trip we took 40 questions with us: Who would deserve to be the king of the world? Do you own a weapon? …

Toni and Geri enjoy the days in the sun. Awareness campaign for Freeriders. DOP: Christoph Fritschi Producer: Lomotion AG Agency: HeyDay

This is how your day looks like in your favorite schoo. Cameraoperator: Caspar Brog Producer: Hintenlinks Client: Bikethrills

How about a stroll in the Alps? A realtime 37 hours hike along the Unesco World Heritage train tracks. Prod+Dir: Hintenlinks Agency: JvM-Limmat Client: RHB

Good things come to those who wait. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Shining Pictures Agency: Inhalt & Form, Zürich