A quickt Tour-de-Europe for the mobilephone operator WINGO. DOP: Adrian Kuchenreuther, Production: Shining Pictures, Agency: Rod.

Took us some time to finish this beauty. DOP: Ralph Baetschmann, Music: Fabian Sturzenegger, Producer: Who’s McQueen. Thank you guys!

TVC for the Migros eastern campaign. Feat. the absolutely fantastic Chris Rogers. DOP: Ralph Baetschmann Producer: Rosas’n Co Agency: Wirz, Zürich

“Absurd” was the clients first remark after seeing the new series of the battles. Thank you! Producer: Who’s McQ. Agency: Wirz, Zürich.

The summercampain ’15 for the public transport of Zürich feat. Mr Snow from the “Hunger Games”. DOP: Alex Herzog, Agency: ForsterEhrler

TVC for HEKS. Give a goat to someone in need. Just give it. DOP: Jan Mettler Producer: Rosas’n Co Agency: Advico, Zürich

2015 TVC for Inobat. There is a Batteryman in all of us. DOP: Tobias Dengler Producer: Shining Pictures Agency: Polyconsult, Bern

Reminder for the Season-Opening of the bike parc in Lenzerheide. DOP: Christoph Fritschi Produced: Hintenlinks Agency: JvM Limmat, Zürich